Heartless Disaster

by Hope Estheim



A new single from the upcoming Hope Estheim album. Featuring our friends over at XP8 and one hell of a remix by Studio-X!

Spread it like the plague. Thank you all so much for supporting us.


Hope Estheim is now Avarice In Audio, and we're signed to Alfa Matrix. If you want this song, please purchase it here.


released November 11, 2013

Written and produced by XP8.
Performed by Jade Pegg & XP8.
Engineered and mixed by Marko Resurreccion @ Apple+S Studios.
Lyrics by Gerry Hawkins.
Mastered by Lawrie Bayldon @ Studio-X.
Artwork by Vlad McNeally @ kallisti:design.
Promotions by Christian Bankes @ Taurant Services.



all rights reserved


Cryogenic Echelon Launceston, Australia

Based in Australia, Cryogenic Echelon is first and foremost, the creative and critical outlet of Gerry Hawkins.

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Track Name: Heartless Disaster (Feat. XP8)
We move like clockwork
Celebrate our pyrrhic victory
We follow the rest of the flock
A parting shot to self esteem

Breaking into pieces when I see you
You don't know what you've put me through
I'm falling away
I am a slave

How are you so heartless
Why do I fall faster
Why are you so heartless
You, my exquisite disaster

I swallowed my pride
For you to be mine
I swallowed my faith
To be one of your mistakes

Your desperate lies
Call for desperate measures
I am a slave to your pain
To be hurt at your pleasure

I see my life flash before my eyes
I see the world pass me by
I see a god by our design
I wish I could understand why

How are you so heartless
Hiding behind obsidian eyes
Why are you so heartless
Disasters that rage inside