Sleepwalking Societies

by Hope Estheim



From the mind of Cryogenic Echelon comes Hope Estheim, a project driven by modern production techniques with melancholic lyrics and operatic vocals. At the helm of Hope Estheim is Gerry Hawkins (Cryogenic Echelon) and Jade Pegg (Acidtrixx). Together they deliver a melodic fusion of Synth Pop & Dubstep , taking two very different genres and delivering them in one beautiful and unapologetic package that crosses many boundaries. Hope Estheim draws its influences from such modern icons as Vicious Alliance, Ashbury Heights and Nero.

Hope Estheim is now Avarice In Audio, and we're signed to Alfa Matrix. You can purchase the debut album here. (Reviewed by deadaudio)


released April 7, 2013

All lyrics written by G.Hawkins
All produced by L.Bayldon & J.Pegg except where noted.
Additional sampling/production on tracks 2 & 4 by G.Hawkins
Performed by G.Hawkins & J.Pegg
Mastered by Tokee
Artwork by Kallisti Design
Remixers credited for their respective tracks

Additional thanks to loyal compatriots CRL Studios for taking us on!



all rights reserved


Cryogenic Echelon Launceston, Australia

Based in Australia, Cryogenic Echelon is first and foremost, the creative and critical outlet of Gerry Hawkins.

Check out Alfa Matrix, where all of Gerry Hawkins' new bands are released like AVARICE IN AUDIO, DREAM RECALL & more.
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Track Name: Sleepwalking Societies (Feat. Redux)
When I'm awake

Everything is the same 

I walk in my sleep

And you haunt my dreams

What I forsake

Is a memory of pain 

The scars I keep

For losing gravity

Sleepwalking society 

Sleepwalking society

I see it all
Inside of me

I need this one last chance
I need this chance for me
I need this one last chance
I need this chance for release

Every day is the same

I just need to sleep

I live my life on repeat

I want to live again 

I wish you could see

I'm tearing myself apart
Piece by piece
Track Name: You'll Never Have Her Fire
We are but strangers
Our love is dangerous
This won't be painless
We will become famous

I just want a taste
Of this sweet liar
You have her face
But you'll never have her fire
The choirs compel me
The desire dispels me
The choirs compel me
The desire dispels me

We remain nameless
Our lust is sacred
This beauty tainted
We are undone & shameless

I can't control myself again
I just can't help myself
Stay here beside me
Walking with me through hell